High-tech polymers in the aircraft industry – applications

Gaining increased popularity in various industries, high-tech thermoplastics became widely used in the airspace industry as well. Because of their amazing properties, high temperature polymers became widely used in the aircraft industry. Some of the best advantages offered by these materials are as described in the following paragraphs.

Advantages of hi-tech polymers

  • Reduced weight – when compared to aluminum, the polymers used in the aircraft industry weight with approximately 60% less. This makes them perfect for reducing weight, and therefore costs in the aircraft industry. The more an aircraft weights, the more fuel it requires a safe flight. When reducing the aircraft’s overall weight, fuel related costs also decrease.
  • Plastics are easier to mold and process than other materials.
  • This high temperature polyurethane has an amazing chemical resistance.
  • Since they are high temperature plastics, they have an amazing heat resistance. They also meet all the standards in the industry regarding the heat and light requirements in the industry, including their behavior regarding smokes and vapors.
  • They are easy to maintain in perfect form and shape than metals, which is extremely important in the aircraft industry.
  • They have low outgassing in a vacuum.
  • They also have great radiation resistance, which is also important in the industry.

The companies that specialize in manufacturing such polymers pay increased attention to fulfilling all requirements in the industry and put continuous efforts into perfecting those. As a result, in the past decade, these materials have become incredibly safe and fuel-efficient, a perfect alternative in the aircraft industry.

Applications of thermo resistant plastics in the aircraft industry

Companies that specialize in developing these materials usually work in close collaboration with airlines and aircraft manufacturers, in order to develop comprehensive solutions for various necessities in the industry. This way, thermo resistant materials are nowadays used for various applications and components as it follows.

  • Aircraft components such as tailplane, fuselage elements, and wing elements are manufactured from thermo resistant polymers. These materials are just perfect for various elements since they offer increased heat resistance properties and they age incredibly well.
  • Fixing elements, ball bearings and seals are also manufactured from high temperature polymers, offering similar advantages.
  • Various pieces of equipment are also manufactured from high temperature plastics. The propulsion system is one of the main systems that are integrating such materials. Also, landing system is using to success such materials as well because they offer amazing fume control and toxicity but also fire resistance properties.
  • Cabin elements are also manufactured from these materials. The oxygen supply, the heating, cooling, lighting systems on board these all use thermo resistant plastics. Also, the drinking water system is manufactured from such materials, as well as all fright loading facilities.
  • The propulsion system is yet another important system that is using these materials.

These materials offer incredible advantages when used, regardless of the industry in which they are used. For instance, the medical industries, automotive industry, are yet two other industries which benefit incredibly from thermo resistant plastic development.