Why Arab world should use VPN

Well, the simple and straightforward answer to this question is “censorship”. For this article, we will take KSA and the Middle East as examples to further clarify the point. However, you should always use VPN at your own risk if you are in the region. It is because you can land back to your country if get caught. When talking about the said region the biggest issue citizens’ face is that even the most common educational resources cannot be accessed. Using the internet freely in the Arab world is completely impossible. However, there is a way out and you can also enjoy all the resources which were previously not accessible and choose it with VPN service tips on AntaNet web source. For KSA and the Middle East there are several VPNs which make the internet free for you. Some of the reasons to use VPN in the Arab world are as follows:

 Instable policies

The policies related to the internet are not stable when it comes to KSA and the Middle East. You never know which site is getting banned in coming days. The worst part is that the censorship or ban does not end within a week or even month. It can continue for years to come and therefore makes the users frustrate. Especially the foreigners visiting the region for business or recreational purposes cannot access common social media platforms to talk to their friends and family in the home country.

 Form of government

There is no proper system of government in any of the mentioned regions. The monarch of KSA and the Middle East will not tolerate your raised voice against them. It is all because of their arrogance and form of government which prevails there. VPN usage in these regions also becomes necessary due to right of free expression. On the other hand you don’t want to land into trouble at all. The use of VPN is worth it because of protocols and element of concealment that is associated with the idea.

 Weak government IT departments

KSA and the Middle East does not have strong IT departments working for their respective countries. Most of the people working in government IT departments are no even citizens. People from west often contribute towards the IT well-being of these countries by offering their services. The only thing which they want is the full control of the service or website being used. No control means no service at all. It is a pathetic move which restricts the rights of people making VPN use certain.

 Popular networks are banned

We really feel for the people of KSA and Middle East as they are unable to use most popular social media platforms such as Viber. The service has been banned since 2013. Another similar service i.e. Facetime is also banned and cannot be accessed. According to these social media platforms, the authorities of the region threaten them of service blockage if a medium of monitoring was not provided. Both services refuse to provide the data and were resultantly banned. Unblocking these services is of utmost importance and therefore VPN should definitely be used.